New Issue of Bulletin Published

First published in 2022

The new double issue of the Society’s Bulletin No. 53-54, for January–December 2022 opens with a description of the Emergency Fund established by the Society in early 2022 to help Ukrainian scholars, writers and artists who have suffered from the Russian invasion that began on Feb. 24 of this year. A list of the ... Continue reading

Volume 2-3 of Zapysky NTSh-A: A New Series

First published in 2021

In November 2019 our Society, along with other Ukrainian Studies institutions in the US—the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the US, the Ukrainian Institute of America, and the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University—sponsored an international conference on the occasion of the bicentennial of Panteleimon Kulish, the author ... Continue reading

The Frontline: Essays on Ukraine’s Past and Present

Serhii Plokhy

First published in 2021

The Frontline presents a selection of essays drawn together for the first time to form a companion volume to Serhii Plokhy’s The Gates of Europe and Chernobyl. Here he expands upon his analysis in earlier works of key events in Ukrainian history, including Ukraine’s complex relations with Russia and the West, the ... Continue reading

Regional 1932–1933 Famine Losses: A Comparative Analysis of Ukraine and Russia

Nataliia Levchuk, Oleh Wolowyna, Omelian Rudnytskyi, Alla Kovbasiuk and Natalia Kulyk

Levchuk, N., Wolowyna, O., Rudnytskyi, O., Kovbasiuk, A., & Kulyk, N. (2020). Regional 1932–1933 Famine Losses: A Comparative Analysis of Ukraine and Russia. Nationalities Papers, 1-21. doi:10.1017/nps.2019.55

Abstract Though the 1932–1933 Famine affected both Ukraine (UkrSSR) and Russia (RSFSR), there is still no clear concept of the causes of the Famine and its scale. This study is undertaken to make a comparative assessment of the 1932–1934 direct losses within and between UkrSSR and RSFSR in order to ... Continue reading

Monthly Distribution of 1933 Famine Losses in Soviet Ukraine and Russian Soviet Republic at the Regional Level

Oleh Wolowyna, Nataliia Levchuk and Alla Kovbasiuk

Wolowyna, O., Levchuk, N., & Kovbasiuk, A. (2020). Monthly Distribution of 1933 Famine Losses in Soviet Ukraine and Russian Soviet Republic at the Regional Level. Nationalities Papers, 1-19. doi:10.1017/nps.2019.52

Abstract One of the distinct characteristics of the 1932–1933 famine is that between 65 and 80 percent of all famine-related deaths (direct losses) in rural areas of Soviet Ukraine (UkrSSR) and its oblasts and some regions of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR) occurred during the first six or ... Continue reading

A Demographic Framework for the 1932–1934 Famine in the Soviet Union

Oleh Wolowyna

Wolowyna, Oleh (2020) A Demographic Framework for the 1932–1934 Famine in the Soviet Union, Journal of Genocide Research, DOI: 10.1080/14623528.2020.1834741

Abstract Research on the 1932–1934 famine in the Soviet Union (or Famine)has reached the point where some analytical and theoretical synthesis is needed. We present a framework that provides a structure for organizing demographic research of the Famine within a broader demographic-historical context. Elements of the framework are: (a) definitions ... Continue reading

The Significance of Human Dignity for Social Movements: Mass Mobilisation in Ukraine

Nikolayenko, Olena. “The Significance of Human Dignity for Social Movements: Mass Mobilization in Ukraine.” East European Politics 36, no. 3 (2020): 445–462

Drawing on data from in-depth interviews with participants in the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, this article argues that the notion of human dignity is critical to mass mobilisation at different phases of anti-government protests. At the start of mass protests, the affirmation of human dignity can serve as a ... Continue reading

What We Live For, What We Die For

First published in 2019

What We Live For, What We Die For: Selected Poems  Serhiy Zhadan; Translated in English by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps; Foreword by Bob Holman (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press) An introduction to an original poetic voice from eastern Ukraine with deep roots in the unique cultural landscape of ... Continue reading

Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada: Methodology and Practice of Research

Drs. S. V. Poliakova and Oleh Wolowyna

ІSSN 2072-9480. Demography and Social Economy, 2019, № 3 (37)

Abstract The aims of this paper are the estimation of demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, and the description of methodological problems arising in the process of its implementation.Population censuses, which represent the entire population of Canada, including those of Ukrainian origin,are considered as the most ... Continue reading

Why Women Protest: Insights from Ukraine’s EuroMaidan

First published in 2018

Olena Nikolayenko and Maria DeCasper Slavic Review 77, no. 3 (Fall 2018): 726–51 This article examines why Ukrainian women participated in the 2013–14 anti-government protests, widely known as the EuroMaidan. Based upon in-depth interviews with female protesters, the study uncovers a wide range of motivations for women’s engagement in the ... Continue reading