Op-Ed Pieces

Ukrainian Science in the Context of Decolonization: A personal perspective for the benefit of the international science community

by Alexey Ladokhin, Ph.D., D.Sc.

1. Ukrainian Science in the Colonial Discourse.

Would a non-Ukrainian scientist know any Ukrainian scientists from the late 19th to early 20th centuries? Chances are they would, yet they probably would not know they were from Ukraine, were educated in Ukraine, and/or made their career in Ukraine (hint—think of the Voronoi or Jablonski diagrams, periodic table of elements, invention of helicopters, and design of the first man-carrying space rocket). Read more >>

by Myroslava Mudrak, Professor Emerita, The Ohio State University

As a longstanding member of SHERA and scholar of Russian and Ukrainian art, I laud the Cooper Union in taking the courageous and professional decision to postpone the exhibition of VKhuTEMAS.  To put on the show as scheduled in the time of a full-scale war initiated by Russia—a war meant to challenge the existence of Ukrainian art and culture, if not to erase it completely —would not only demonstrate Read more >>