Archive and Library Donations

The library and archival collections at the Shevchenko Scientific Society, Inc. have been assembled over the years largely through the generosity of its many members, supporters, scholars, and local community groups. We encourage all members to donate copies of their papers and publications to the Society’s Library. We also accept  personal libraries, or individual publications,
as well as personal and organizational archival materials.

For more information about our collecting scope  and acquisition policy,  and to discuss the item donation procedure, please contact the Archivist or Librarian at (212) 254-5130 or or

Library Donation Form 
Print, complete and sign this form when making donations to the Society’s Library.

Archival Donations
At the time the donation is made, the donor will be asked to sign a deed of gift or some other legal instrument which transfers ownership of the materials and possibly also the intellectual property contained therein to the Society. This document will also allow donors to indicate their preference for how materials not suitable for archival preservation will be dealt with. The determination of suitability will be done using the standard appraisal and selection practices of the American archival profession.