Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Diaspora


Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Diaspora (EUD) was launched in 1987 originally as a 7-volume global project intended to cover Ukrainians living throughout the world outside of Ukraine.  Its editor-in-chief was Vasyl Markus, based in Chicago.  The Shevchenko Scientific Society, USA  and the US-based Foundation of Friends of the Encyclopedia of Ukraine signed an agreement with the editor of the EUD to finance the project.

The global EUD project produced only Volume 4, Australia, Asia and Africa, which was published in 1995 in Kyiv by the Shevchenko Scientific Society, USA and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  Work on Volume 1, United States of America, started in 2006.  In 2009 Shevchenko Scientific Society, USA (New York-Chicago) published Book 1 (A-K) of Volume 1, and in 2012, Book 2 (L-R).  Both books are accessible on www.eudusa.org.  Book 3 (S-Ya) of Volume 1 is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.  It is being prepared under the direction of Orest Popovych (editor-in-chief) and Alexander Lushnycky (co-editor).

Vol 1: A-K
Vol. 2 L to P