Archival Collections

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Oleksa Alchevs’kyi papers

American Association for Ukrainian Studies papers

Osyp Andrushkiv papers

Petro Andrusiv papers

Oleksandr Arkhimovych papers

Vasyl Avramenko papers

Osyp and Andrii Baran patents

Vasyl Barka papers

Maksym Butovych papers

Juchym Charczenko papers

Klym Chichka-Andriіenko papers

Vira Cheranivs’ka papers

Chortkiv region papers

Collectivization papers

Committee for the Defense of Soviet Political Prisoners papers

National Committee to Commemorate the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine records

Demonstration 1984 papers

Oleksa Dmytrenko papers

Vasyl’ and Sofia Dmytrenko papers

Volodymyr Doroshenko papers

Displaced Persons Camps in Augsburg papers

Displaced Persons Camps in Austria and Germany papers

Displaced Persons Camps in Augsburg in Berchtesgaden papers

Displaced Persons camps in Kornberg papers

Drohobych region papers

Division “Halychyna” papers

Mykhailo Dudra papers

Mykola Duplak papers

Stepan Dushenko papers

Education in Ukraine papers

Election in Ukraine papers

Bohdan Futey papers

Oleksander Fylypovych papers

Genealogy papers

Olenka Gerdan-Zaklyns’ka papers

Gimnaziia Sester Vasyliianok collection

Iurii Gurgula papers

Mykola Haliv papers

Andrii Harasevych papers

Iosyp Hirniak audio collection

Oleksander Hladyshovs’kyi papers

Stepan Horak papers

Valerian Horbachevs’kyi papers

Orest Horodys’kyi papers

Arystyd Virsta letters to Sviatoslav Hordyns’kyi

Volodymyr Hordyns’kyi papers

Petro Hrycak papers

Petro Hryhorenko papers

Iaroslav Hrynevych papers

Mykhailo Hrushevs’kyi papers

Taras Hunczak papers


Iavorivshchyna papers

Zenon Iavors’kyi papers

Ievshan zillia collection

Roman Ilnytzkyj papers

Valentyna Kalyn-Mahmet papers

Volodymyr Kalyna papers

Sviatoslav Karavanskyi and Nina Strokata papers

Petro Karmans’kyi papers

Petro Karpenko-Krynytsia papers

Stepan Karvash papers

Volodymyr Kedrovs’kyi papers

Ivan Kedryn-Rudnyts’kyi papers

Ivan Keivan papers

Ivan Kernyts’kyi papers

Roman Khraplyvyi papers

Zenovii Khraplyvyi papers

Liubov Kolens’ka papers

Nestor Korol papers

Vasyl Koroliv-Staryi papers

Oleksander Koshyts’ papers

Marian Kots’ papers

Ivan Kostiuk collection of World War II photographs

Ostap Kotyk papers

Bohdan Koval papers

Edward Kozak papers

Rev. Mykhailo Kravchuk papers

Pavlo Krat papers

Osyp Krawczeniuk papers

Anatolii Kushch papers

Iurii Kuziv papers

Zenon Kuzelia papers

Ivan Kuzych-Berezovs’kyi papers

Mykhailo Kuz’movych papers

Ol’ha Kuz’movych papers

Kyiv Architecture collection

Andrii Kisil papers

Kost Kysilevskyi papers

Bohdan Lepkyi papers

Vasyl’ Lev papers

Volodymyr Lesniak papers on the Lemko region

Literary and Arts Club papers

Natalia Livyts’ka-Kholodna papers

Arkadii Liubchenko papers

Oleksander Lotots’kyi papers

Luka Lutsiv papers

Hryhor Luzhnyts’kyi papers

Roman Lysiak papers

Kalenyk Lysiuk papers

Lev Maisterenko papers

Ivan Maistrenko papers

Olga Maryschuk-Kandel papers

Halia Mazurenko papers

Volodymyr Mokryi papers

Mykhailo Moroz papers

Leonid Mosendz papers

Oleksa and Maria Motyl papers

Vasyl Mudryi papers

Miroshnycvhenko-Kuzma papers

Osyp Nazaruk papers

Oleksander Ohloblyn papers

Lev Okinshevych papers

Larysa Onyshkevych papers

Ievhen Onats’kyi papers

Mykhailo Ostroverkha papers

Vasyl Pachovsky papers

Iaroslav Padokh papers

Omelian Paduchak papers

Vasyl’ Palidvor papers

Mykola Palii

Sofiia Parfanovych papers

Ievhen Paraniuk papers

Patriakhat papers

Paris Peace Conference

Jaroslaw Pelenski papers

Volodymyr Pellich papers

Valentyna Petrochenko papers

Mykhailo Pezhans’kyi papers

Nestor Pinkovs’kyi papers

Photo album Ukraine

Political prisoners in Ukraine collection

Orest Popovych papers

Ivan Puliui papers

Radio Liberty Audio collection

Radio Liberty Rubchak collection

Radio Liberty Script collection

Ivan Rakovs’kyi papers

Mykahilo Rakovs’kyi papers

Radlovs’ka-Shcherbaniuk Iryna papers

Stepan Ripets’kyi papers

Bohdan Romanenchuk papers

Ivan Romaniuk papers

Rohatynshchyna collection

Anton Rudnyts’kyi papers

Rukh: 2 z’izd collection

Ewhen and Jaroslawa Salamacha papers

Petro Samutyn papers

Volodymyr Savyts’kyi papers

Petro Shandruk papers

Lev Shankovs’kyi papers

Oleksander Semenenko papers

Shevchenko Monument Committee papers

Andrei Sheptyts’kyi papers

Iuliian Sheparovych papers

Nylkyfor Shcherbyna papers

Ivan Shkvarko papers

Avgustyn Shtefan papers

Zinovii Shtokalko papers

M. Sichyns’ka-Fedak papers

Myron Sitnyts’kyi papers

Pavlo and Danylo Skoropads’ki papers

Heorhii Skydanchuk papers

Iosyp Slipyi papers

Stepan Smal-Stots’kyi papers

Ol’ha Sonevyts’ka papers

Leonid Sonevyts’kyi papers

Ihor Sonevyts’kyi papers

Society of Ukrainian Jewish relations papers

Volodymyr Stakhiv papers

Ivan Stavnychyi papers

Iurii Starosel’s’kyi papers

Vasyl’ Stesiuk papers

Maria Strutyns’ka papers

George Stukalich papers

Stephen Shumeyko papers

Mykola Tanchak papers

Valentyna Tarasenko papers

Tokarzevs’kyi-Karasevych Ian papers

Stepan Tsymbala papers

Twenty Years under Polish occupation papers

Ukrainian Community in Newark papers

Ukrainian Free University papers

Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (Ukrains’ka Holovna Vyzvolna rada) papers

Ukrainian Lawyers Association papers

Ukrainian Music Institute papers

Ukrainian Student Hromada papers

Ukrainian Writers’ Association in Exile “Slovo” records

Ukrainian-Polish relations papers

Mykola Velychkivskyi papers

Vasyl’ Verhun papers

Pavlo Virs’kyi papers

Aiatola Vitoshyns’kyi papers

Marko Vovchok papers

Illia Vytanovych papers

Roman Wolchuk papers

World Congress of Free Ukrainians papers

Yara Arts Group papers

Tadei Zales’kyi papers

Zadoretzky Family papers

Zakarpats’ka Ukraina papers

Ukrainian Society “Zoria” records

Olena Zvychaina and Mykhailo Mlakovyi papers