Resource Page on Russia’s War Against Ukraine

The Shevchenko Scientific Society in the U.S. is responding to Russia’s war against Ukraine. We are collecting resources that shed light on this crisis, including articles, interviews, and videos. The resources collected here are meant for a broad readership and include works written by our members and non-members alike.

The Society will continue to hold roundtables and events about current affairs, as a special supplement to our regularly scheduled program of academic events and conferences. The first of our series on current events, “The Ukraine Crisis: Behind the Headlines,” was held on February 7, 2022 and featured experts Oxana Shevel, Margarita Balmaceda, Andreas Umland, and Volodymyr Dubovyk. A recording of the event has been posted to our YouTube channel.

The second special roundtable “The Russian-Ukrainian War and the Geopolitical Situation” was held on March 9. Speakers included Adrian Karatnycky, Valerii Kuchynskyi, and Mykola Riabchuk. Markian Dobczansky moderated. Video now available on YouTube.

The third special roundtable “Women and Russia’s War on Ukraine” was held on March 14. Speakers included Olena Nikolayenko, Olga Boichak, Christina Olha Jarymowycz, Tamara Martsenyuk, and Jessica Zychowicz. Video now on YouTube.

This page will be updated regularly. For media inquiries, please contact us at or 212-254-5130.

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Scholar Rescue Initiatives

Institute for International Education (IIE)
Resources to Help Displaced Scholars from Ukraine (ASEEES)
Ukrainian Global University
Tel Aviv University
Volkswagen Stiftung Funding for Scholars
Ukrainian Scientists Worldwide FB Group
Labs Supporting Ukrainian Scientists (Google Doc)
Ukrainian Scholar Placement Database (Google Doc)
Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF)
German-Ukrainian Academic Society Resource Page
The British Academy Research at Risk Fellowship
University of Michigan WCEE Scholars at Risk
Purdue University Ukraine Scholars Initiative
University of Pennsylvania Visiting Graduate Students (NEW)
George Washington University Program on Ukraine (NEW)

Curated Lists of Charities

Razom for Ukraine Link Tree
Kimberley St. Julian-Varnon’s Link Tree
Humanitarian Aid (Ukrainian National Women’s League of America – UNWLA)
Helmets & Vests (UACC/Razom/”Come back Alive”)
Donate to Save Lives (Kyiv School of Economics – KSE)

Statements Signed by the Shevchenko Scientific Society

Ban Kremlin agents and toxic Russian propaganda (March 5)
Joint Statement on Russia’s War Against Ukraine (February 24)
NTSh-A Statement (February 24)


Krynytsia (The Well), a podcast from The Ukrainian Weekly (NEW)
Yale CELI List of Companies Doing Business in Russia (updated continuously)
Society for Ethnomusicology Resources on Ukraine (NEW)
Dispatches from Ukraine (Agni) (NEW)

Events and Roundtables

Ukrainian Culture at Risk – Again: A Conservator’s Perspective (NTSh-A Detroit Chapter & Ukrainian-American Museum and Archives, Yuri Yanchyshyn, July 7)
Ukrainian Culture in the West: Visibility, Problems, and Challenges (NTSh-A, May 14)
Shevchenko Expertise-a-thon for Ukraine (NTSh-A, benefitting the Shevchenko Emergency Fund, April 29)
Ukrainian Art at the Dawn of Independence (NTSh-A, Olena Martynyuk, April 16)
The Jewish King (NTSh-A, in Ukrainian, Alex Averbuch, April 2)
Alexander Motyl’s Pitun Trilogy (NTSh-A, Alexander Motyl, March 26)
Russian Energy Chains (NTSh-A, Margarita Balmaceda, March 19)
Women and Russia’s War on Ukraine (NTSh-A, March 14)
42nd Annual Shevchenko Conference (NTSh-A, in Ukrainian, March 12)
The Russian-Ukrainian War and the Geopolitical Situation (NTSh-A, March 9)
Understanding the War on Ukraine through its Musical Culture (Michigan State University, March 2)
Ukraine Under Attack: Rapid Response Panel (HURI/Davis Center/Melikian Center/Havinghurst Center, February 28)
Demythologizing Lesia Ukrainka (NTSh-A, Tamara Hundorova from Kyiv, in Ukrainian, February 26)
Ukraine Crisis: Behind the Headlines (NTSh-A, February 7)

Collection of NTSh-A Member Media Appearances

Shevchenko Scientific Society on Wakelet

Quick Explainers

Russia’s War on Ukraine resource page (Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program, HURI)
What is Ukraine? (from The Ukrainian History and Education Center)
It’s ‘Ukraine,’ not ‘the Ukraine’–here’s why (from The Conversation)
Why did Russia Invade Ukraine? (A kid-friendly explainer from Curious Kids @ The Conversation)