Hrushevsky’s Concept of Ukrainian Statehood from the Perspective of a Federation

Dr. Anna Procyk

First published in 1998

“One of the first tasks that the historian Mykhailo Hrushevsky set before himself upon his return from exile to Kyiv in the spring of 1917 was to turn the attention of the Ukrainian public to the possibilities that suddenly emerged for the restoration of Ukrainian statehood after the fall of the Romanov dynasty in March of 1917.  In this endeavor he succeeded not only through his very active involvement in political developments of the day but also through a series of articles written for Ukrainian newspapers in Kyiv, primarily the Nova Rada and Narodna Volia.  This discussion of Hrushevsky’s conceptualization of Ukrainian statehood within the federal idea is based both on his articles written during the first year of the revolution and his political activities as the head of the Ukrainian Central Rada.

Dr. Anna Procyk is a professor of history and the author of Russian Nationalism and Ukraine: The Nationality Policy of the Volunteer Army during the Civil War (Edmonton-Toronto: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 1995)

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