World Academia in Support of Freedom of the Ukrainan Nation

November 28, 2004

Dear Colleagues:

We, the members of Ukrainian academia ask for your support in the struggle of the Ukrainian nation for progress of civilized society and values of the democratic world.

The results of the second round of the presidential elections held on November 21, 2004, have been violently and impudently falsified by the current corrupted government. The falsifications have been witnessed by the international observers from the EU, OSCE, US, ENEMO and other countries and organizations that have been present here. As a result of falsification and lies, our nation has raised up in its democratic right to protect the rule of law and civic society.

If you are the member of the academic institution please submit this letter to the university board for the joint university support.

If you are one of the Ukrainian scholars studying or researching abroad please submit this letter to the management of the institution you are currently working with.

If you support the above statements:

1) Please sign and send the attached letter (WORLD ACADEMIA IN SUPPORT OF THE FREEDOMS OF THE UKRAINIAN NATION) via e-mail or fax to the political and media institutions of your country.

2) Please send the copies to the Ukrainian governmental and presidential authorities

3) Also, if possible post, the attached letter on the front page of your institution web-site expressing your institution’s support.

Academician Myroslav Popovych,
Head of the Institute of Philosophy
of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Academician Ivan Dzyuba,
Head of the T.Shevchenko
National Award Committee.

Dr. Vyacheslav Bryukhovetskyy,
President of the National University
of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”


We, (the chairing board / academic council / faculty / lecturer / researcher / professor of the educational institution, university, college etc.) the members of the world academia community express our strong support to the democratic choice of Ukrainian people.

We urge Ukrainian authorities to admit the demands of Ukrainian society that is protesting on the streets of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine against the unfair presidential elections’ process holding.

We call upon Ukrainian government to realize that any unlawful actions against the electorate’s will are hostile not only to the Ukrainians, but also to the whole civilized world.

In 1991, Ukraine declared its aim to create the European state system, based on the rule of law, protection of human rights and all the social freedoms.

We hope that both the present-day Government and people of Ukraine will manage to fulfill the mentioned commitments.

We appeal to the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and the current government to listen to the voice of Ukrainian nation. This voice is heard from the Kyiv streets by millions determined people at different parts of the world, who echo their efforts in rallies worldwide.

We ask the authorities of Ukraine to take into account the comments of the EU, OSCE, the US, and ENEMO observers, who emphasized the enormous discrepancies observed in the elections and demand that the true victor, be acknowledged.

We ask Ukrainian authorities to adhere to the moral values, shared by all the members of modern civilization. We believe that only these civilized principles will allow Ukraine to come out of this difficult geopolitical situation in peaceful and just way. It is through the support of esteemed institutions, which educate and inspire people all across the world to think and act freely, with respect for civil rights, and democratic values, that Ukraine can emerge from whole, strong, and hopeful.

(chairing board/academic council/
of given educational institution,
university, college etc.)