Ukrainian Culture in the West: Visibility, Problems, and Challenges

May 14, 2022

Virko Baley, Myroslava Mudrak, Adriana Helbig, Anton Varga

Round table participants will discuss the visibility, problems, and challenges of Ukrainian culture in the global context. They will discuss problems faced by Ukrainian artists. How has the situation changed since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war? And what needs to be done for Ukrainian music and fine arts to achieve full recognition?


Virko Baley, professor emeritus, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Myroslava Mudrak, professor emeritus, Department of History of Art, The Ohio State University



Adriana Helbig, associate professor, chair, Music Department, University of Pittsburgh


Anton Varga, artist, co-curator of Ukrainian Exhibition, Venice Biennale, Shevchenko Scientific Society in the U.S.