To Mr. Volodymyr Lytvyn Head of the Supreme Council of Ukraine

November 28, 2004

At its extended emergency meeting of 24 November 2004 the Council of Rectors of the Higher Educational Establishments of Lviv Region unanimously recognized Viktor Andriyovych Yushchenko President of Ukraine.

We feel it our sacred duty to voice our deep anxiety and indignation over pernicious and despicable fraud at the presidential elections in Ukraine. We express our condemnation to the tricks of the authorities who have encouraged and masterminded this fraud. The entire election campaign launched by the camp of the
authorities’ favourite Viktor Yanukovich was aimed at ruining all the moral values of our younger generation, the values moulded in the course of centuries by the Ukrainian tradition, culture and education.

We are appealing to you as peoples’ deputies at this critical moment in Ukrainian history to rise in defense of the constitutional rights of the Ukrainian people protecting their own choice.

Both you and we remained silent and mute when state-controlled TV channels imposed upon this country an utterly artificial divide between East and West, when they were provoking civil strife and by broadcasting brainwashing clips moulded the image of an enemy even resorting to Nazi symbols. Sadly, we also kept silent when some of the rectors of higher educational establishments flagrantly violated academic freedom and constitutional rights of Ukrainian students encroaching upon their dignity and right to choose. By this we shared the guilt of contributing to the dangerous tendencies of imposing authoritarian methods in education and to arranging wrong relationships between the government, society and the Ukrainian universities. We also kept silent when our students in the city of Sumy were unlawfully attacked by police. This deplorable practice of maltreating students by calling them terrorists and criminals spread throughout our land. Nowhere in the world, in compliance with the Lima Declaration of Academic Freedoms and University Autonomy, police have anything to do with academic life of universities.

Now you continue to keep silent when the armed forces of a foreign country are aiming machineguns muzzles and bayonets at the faces and hearts of our young compatriots.

Highly esteemed peoples deputies! The time has come to draw a line between truth and fraud, between liberty and authoritarianism, between strict and dignified abidance by the commonly shared humane values and their ruthless annihilation.

We call upon you to make a proper choice and not to place disgrace upon yourselves by betraying our national ideals and traditions of Ukrainian statehood. You must say a resounding “NO!” to shameless lies, violence, rigging, inflaming animosity and artificial divide of our society! The Ukrainian people demand justice and truth. It is your sacred duty to support them.

Head of the Council of Rectors
of Lviv Region Higher Educational Establishments
Rector of the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv

Ivan Oleksandovych Vakarchuk

Rector of the National University
of “Lvivska Politekhnika”
Deputy Head

Yuriy Kyrylovych Rudavskyi

Rector of Lviv Academy of Commerce
Yakiv Andriyovych Honcharuk

Rector of Lviv National Academy
of Veterinary Medicine named After S.Hrzytsky

Roman Yosypovych Kravtsiv

Rector of Lviv Agrarian University
Volodymyr Vasylyovych Snitynskyi

Acting Rector of Lviv Academy of Arts
Ihor Vasylyovych Holod

Rector of Lviv State Institute
of Physical Culture

Myroslav Stepanovych Hertsyk

Rector of the Ukrainian State Forestry University
Yuriy Yuriyovych Tunytsya

Rector of Drohobych State University
named after Ivan Franko

Valeriy Hryhorovych Skotnyi

Rector of Lviv Institute of Banking
Tamara Stepanivna Smovzhenko

Rector of Lviv State Institute
of Economy and Touirism

Ihor Omelyanovych Bochan

Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University
Rev. Borys Hudziak

Head of the Council
of Directors of Educational Establishments
of the 2nd and 3rd grade of accreditation

Petro Yuriyovych Lazur

Head of the Main Administration
of Education and Science of Lviv
Regional State Administration

Mykhaylo Hryhorovych Brehin

Head of the Lviv Regional Council
of the Trade Union
of Educators and Research Workers

Mariya Hryhorivna Yatseyko

Rector of Lviv Divinity Seminary
Rev. Bohdam Prakh

Rector of Lviv Regional Institute
of State Management at The Ukrainian President

Anatoliy Oleksiyovych Chemerys

Rector of Lviv Institute of Management
Petro Stepanovych Yanytskyi

Rector of the Western Ukrainian Institute
of Information Technologies
and Management
at the Donetsk Regional Institute of Management

Vasyl Mykhaylovych Kohut

Head of the Association of Heads of Trade Unions
at the Lviv Region Higher Educational Establishments

Yuriy Pavlovych Rak

Head of the Trade Union
of the National University
“Lvivska Politekhnika”

Volodymyr Hryhorovych Hajduk

Head of the Trade Union
of the Ivan Franko National University in Lviv

Stepan Konstyantynovych Hordiy

Secretary of the Council of Rectors
of Higher Educational Establishments of Lviv Region

Lesya Oleksiyivna Bartish

25 November 2004