Statement of the Shevchenko Scientific Society

November 28, 2004

New York , N.Y.
November 27, 2004

The Executive Board of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in America applauds the Ukrainian Parliament for rejecting today the fraudulent results of the November 21, 2004 presidential election in Ukraine.

We admire the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who have been demonstrating peacefully in many Ukrainian cities, protesting these falsified election results, demanding that the will of the people be heeded. We support their struggle for democracy, civil rights and the rule of law in Ukraine.

We support the peaceful participation in this struggle of our academic colleagues, scholars and students, and express our solidarity with their principled stand.

We are confident that the just struggle of the Ukrainian people for freedom, democracy and a transparent and fair presidential election in Ukraine will prevail.

Larissa M. L. Z. Onyshkevych, Ph. D., President
Roman Andrushkiw, Ph.D., First Vice President
Swiatoslaw Trofimenko, Ph. D.,Vice President & Learned Secretary
Yuriy Slusarczuk, Ph. D., Vice President & CFO
Orest Popovych, Ph.D., Vice President