Oleh Wolowyna’s presentation of his book “Atlas of Ukrainians in the United States: Demographic and Socio-economic Characteristics”

September 28, 2019

Dr. Oleh Wolowyna

Director of the Center for Demographic and Socio-economic Research on Ukrainians in the United States at NTSh-A

In more than 300 maps, The Atlas describes the history of immigration from Ukraine to the US, provides a comprehensive picture of the current demographic and socio-economic status of Ukrainians in the US, and quantifies their relative place within American society.  Special attention is given to the impact of the most recent immigration from Ukraine, the so-called fourth wave.  Besides demographic characteristics such as age, sex and internal migration, the Atlas covers topics like education, labor force, citizenship, knowledge of English, language spoken at home, income and poverty status, housing characteristics, and more.  Indicators based on a large data base from different censuses are used to show the spatial distribution and characteristics of Ukrainians in maps for each State and 55 Metropolitan Areas.