Круглий стіл присвячений публікації книги New Imaginaries: Youthful Reinvention of Ukraine’s Cultural Paradigm Berghahn Books. 2015

April 23, 2016


Д-р Мар’яна Рубчак
Д-р Марта Кічоровська- Кебало
Елла Ламах
Емілі Шанкл-Джустіс

Dr Marian J Rubchak, editor and translator, will introduce her book, its significance and the process of its production., Joining her will be discussants: Dr. Martha Kichorowska Kebalo, author of the Foreword, Ella Lamakh, and Emily S. Channell-Justice.

Ella Lamakh is currently a research fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington DC. She has over 15 years experience in policy development on youth, gender, and women’s issues in Ukraine; since 2014 she is Head of the NGO Democracy Development Center.

Emily Channell-Justice is a graduate student in Anthropology at the City University of New York Graduate Center, soon (May 2016) to defend her dissertation on “Ukraine’s (Euro)Maidan: Nationa, State, and the New Left.” She has been the recipient of several grants and awards, most recently, she was recognized by the Association for Feminist Anthropology with the Sylvia Forman Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper (2015).

Martha Kichorowska Kebalo, a graduate of CUNY Graduate Center in Anthropology, explored the renewal of a women’s movement in independent Ukraine, and continues to cultivate ties with it through her work as a representative of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations to the United Nations.

Марта Кічоровська-Кебало, Мар’яна Рубчак, Емілі Шанкл-Джустіс, Елла Ламах
Марта Кічоровська-Кебало Мар’яна Рубчак
Мар’яна Рубчак, Емілі Шанкл-Джустіс, Елла Ламах
Елла Ламах Емілі Шанкл-Джустіс

Елла Ламах “Права жінок у соціальному контексті в Україні»

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Мар’яна Рубчак
Мар’яна Рубчак,Емілі Шанкл-Джустіс/b>
Марта Кічоровська-Кебало, Мар’яна Рубчак, Емілі Шанкл-Джустіс, Елла Ламах