Виступ скрипальки Соломії Івахів

March 21, 2009

Соломія Івахів, докторан Stony Brook University, стипедіятка НТШ- А з Фонду ім. Зенона і Юлії Петешів

Програма концерту:

Валентин Сильвестров. Post Scriptum

Ґері Кулеша. “…and dark time flowed by her like a river…”

Цезар Франк (1822-1890). Sonata

Піяніно – Анна Ханіна

Stony Brook University

Concert Review:
Solomiya Ivakhiv
March 21, 2009 – Shevchenko Scientific Society, New York City

Соломія Івахів

The talented violinist Solomiya Ivakhiv wonderfully entertained those fortunate to be in attendance at the Shevchenko Scientific Society recital this evening. Ms. Ivakhiv, a member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, began each performance with a brief introduction of the work to be performed, a consideration the audience obviously appreciated. The first work on the program – César Franck’s Violin Sonata in A Major – was specifically written for Eugéne Ysaÿe in 1886 as a wedding present. Ms. Ivakhiv deftly began the piece with the delicate and exquisite tones of the sonata’s introduction. Indeed, throughout the work her intonation was formidably executed, as was the playing of pianist Anna Khanina, who provided excellent synchronization of gesture, intensity, color, and contrast of dynamic range. Two thoughts struck this reviewer during and immediately after the final movement ended. First, the contrast by Ms. Ivakhiv between her high and low register was exceptional, conveying intense passion and sweetness in the upper registers and a deep resonance in the lower register that was never pushed, but rather focused and broad, thus accentuating the intensely romantic qualities of the music. Second, the tempi chosen for all four movements provided admirably balanced organic unity. These two masterful presentations, when coupled with Franck’s cyclic form, the recurrence of themes from movement to movement, revealed the innate talent and understanding for formal structure of both Ms. Ivahkiv and Ms. Khanina and confirmed maturity well beyond their years.

Соломія Івахів Анна Ханіна

The second work on the program, Valentin Silvestrov’s Post Scriptum, a sonata for violin and piano, was written in 1990 and first performed at the Frankfurt Festival in 1991 to commemorate the bicentenary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death. Silvestrov describes this work as “a postscript to Mozart, and more generally, to classicism” and goes on to say that the text was already written, declaring, “We supplement it with our own remarks, ideas and questions, with our bewilderment, astonishment and regret. The classical phonemes begin to stir in a different age and a different space. Predictability disappears and is replaced by a symbolic sense of mystery.” Ms. Ivahkiv’s ability to portray the simplicity of this gentle classical opening and the subsequent dissonant “mysterious” symbolism in Post Scriptum revealed once again her ability to identify and interact with whatever style and mood is required. Concurrently, Ms. Khanina showed a marked sensitivity in this work.

The last work, Concert Fantasy on Themes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, is a work written by Ihor Frolov. Mr. Frolov was a violinist and protégé of the renowned Ukrainian violinist David Oistrakh. This work emphasizes brilliant virtuosity and panoply of the opera’s various moods. Both performers exhibited their virtuosity and sensitivity in this attractive piece although the work seemed to drag on a bit too long. Perhaps this comes as no surprise since Ms. Ivahkiv noted prior to the performance that Mr. Frolov had no formal study in composition. Ms. Ivahkiv is an important artist of her generation and will undoubtedly continue to garner accolades as her reputation grows. Bravo fortissimo!

Pianist Victor Markiw, DMA,
is a faculty member
at the University of New Haven.

Вячеслав Вишневський, Роман Воронка,
Василь Махно, Володимир Петришин
Володимир Петришин, Анна Ханіна,
Соломія Івахів, Роман Воронка