“Раптова серцева смерть: причини та механізми” д-р Ігор Гусcак

February 24, 2007

Василь Махно представляє доповідача


Ihor Gussak

The past decade has witnessed an explosion of knowledge and radical changes in our understanding of the molecular, ionic, genetic, and pharmacological basis of sudden cardiac death and primary electrical diseases of the heart. Electrical diseases of the heart are heritable arrhythmogenic clinical entities that may share common phenotypic clinical and genetic features, yet be distinctly different in their genesis, prognosis, and management. Both congenital and acquired electrical diseases of the heart are gradually coming into better focus as a result of important advances in genetic analysis.
The main objective of the presentation was to overview the latest developments in the field of screening, risk stratification, and prevention of sudden cardiac death, cardiac electrophysiology and clinical electrocardiology, genetics, epidemiology with special attention to the screening for high-risk patients, diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in prevention of sudden cardiac death.

Ihor Gussak, MD, PhD, FACC
eResearchTechnology, Inc,
Global Medical Affairs, Vice President
Journal of Electrocardiology, Executive Editor
UMDNJ-RWJMS,Clinical Professor of Medicine