Засідання Математично-Фічино-Технічної секції. Доповідачі: д-р Олег Третяк, Людмила Баранник, д-р Орест Попович (фотоновини)

November 14, 2002

Finding the true law in image alignment

Oleh Tretiak, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Drexel University

Oleh Tretiak,
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Drexel University


Image alignment is the task of transforming images of the same object to place the object at the same coordinates. If the transformation law is known, the task can be solved by finding the parameters of the transformation. In many cases, the transformation law has to be deduced. In looking for such a law, we are balancing between the principle of expressiveness, which calls for using a transformation with many parameters that can be adjusted to fit the data, and the principle of parsimony, which calls for using a simple model. In this paper we examine algorithms for choosing among transformation models, and report on their effectiveness and efficiency.

“Effect of surface tension on the fully nonlinear capillary-gravity waves of bounded two-fluid systems”

Lyudmyla Barannyk Dept.of Math. Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Lyudmyla Barannyk,
Dept.of Math. Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology


The evolution of interfacial waves with surface tension is considered for two laminar incompressible immiscible fluids with different densities and different speeds bounded together in a straight infinite channel. The amplitude of the waves is assumed
to be of the same order as the height of the channel. Long-wave approximation is used to derive the system of partial differential equations that govern the evolution of the interfacial shape and the velocity jump across the interface. Traveling waves of permanent form are studied and it shown that solitary waves are possible for a range of physical parameters. All solitary waves can be expressed in terms of incomplete elliptic integrals of the third kind. When the upper fluid has zero density, two explicit solitary-wave solutions have been found whose amplitudes are equal to h/4 or h/9, where 2h is the channel thickness. The linear stability analysis is performed and it is shown that capillary forces stabilize short-wave disturbances in a dispersive manner. The initial value problem for partial differential equations is also addressed numerically and regularization of the system by the surface tension is demonstrated.

“Impressions from the scholarly conference “Problems of Ukrainian terminology SlovoSvit 2002” held in Lviv, Sept. 24-26

Orest Popovych Brooklyn College, Professor of Chemistry (professor emeritus)

Orest Popovych,
Brooklyn College, Professor of Chemistry (professor emeritus)


This was the 7th international conference devoted to Ukrainian terminology, which was organized by Lviv Polytechnic Institute since Ukraine’s independence. There were 135 published papers covering the topics: 1) Theoretical principles of terminology and lexicography; 2) Lexicography and inter-language relations; 3) Normalization and standardization of terminology; 4)Terminology of the sciences; 5) Terminology of the humanities; 6) Materials for discussion. As a representative of the Shevchenko Scientific Society of America, I spoke at the plenary session about our intervention on behalf of Ukrainian chemical terminology which we presented to the Nationa Bureau of Standards of Ukraine. A frequent topic at the Conference was the search for a proper balance between a terminology that is purely Ukrainian and one that utilizes foreign or international terms.

Mathematics-Phisics-Technicul Section

From left (sitting): O.Tretiak, O.Popovych, O.Bilaniuk, L.Barannyk, R.Andrushkiw, L.Zorych, L.Romankiw
1-й ряд: О.Третяк, О.Попович, О.Біланюк, Л.Баранник, Р.Андрушків, Л.Зорич, Л.Романків

Standing: …, V.Zayachkivsky, R.Madych, S.Trofimenko, A.Wowk, L.Chirovsky, T.Seman,
Y.Mileyko, O.Barannyk, I Zorych, R.Lesko, V. Knyr
2-й ряд: …, В. Заячківський, Р.Мадич, С.Трофименко, А.Вовк, Л.Чировський, В.Петришин, Т.Семан, Ю.Мілейко, О.Баранник, І.Зорич, Р.Лесько, В. Книр