Stipend for Ukrainian Students and Artists in Need

June 15, 2020


[New York, NY]: The Shevchenko Scientific Society in the United States, Razom for Ukraine and the Coordinating Committee to Aid Ukraine are pleased to announce a new joint initiative Stipend for Ukrainian Students and Artists in Need (SUSAN). SUSAN is a grant for Ukrainian citizens currently residing in the United States of America and experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic

Our community is based on mutual aid and it appears that students and artists from Ukraine are currently amongst those most in need. After WWII, the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Europe administered over 2,500 scholarships worth close to  $450,000 dollars, and many student aid programs have sprung up worldwide in the years since Ukrainian independence.   SUSAN aims to continue this long tradition of self-reliance and support of education, scholarship and arts.  

To be eligible to receive the stipend, individuals must:

  • be citizens of Ukraine;
  • demonstrate perseverance in obtaining an education, or recognition in a scholarly or artistic achievement; 
  • be experiencing significant financial hardships due to the pandemic; 
  • be ineligible to receive federal, state or local government aid or such aid would jeopardize future immigration status.

Need-based grants will be made in equal shares to all eligible participants from a total fund of 5,000 USD.   Only a few exceptions will be made in extreme cases.   Merit-based scholarships are available for community activists working to counter effects of the epidemic from a fund totaling 2,500 USD.   We will seek further funds to increase the average size of need-based grants.   

Application deadline is July 6th, decisions will be available in three weeks.  


To apply or to nominate an individual for SUSAN, please visit

If you wish to support SUSAN, you can make your donation here:


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