Member of the Month: Olya Yarychkivska

October 12, 2018

Name: Olya Yarychkivska

Current Hometown: New York City

Professional Interests: Genetics, Biochemistry, Neurobiology


Why did you decide to join the Shevchenko Scientific Society?

As a professional and a Ukrainian, I believe that it’s important for me to be a part of Shevchenko Scientific Society, such a historic organization that unites great Ukrainian minds in different countries. It’s truly an honor.

What do you value about membership in the Society? What is your most memorable Society’s event or publication?

I value the people who make up the Society the most; the diverse events hosted by the Society are an invaluable platform to meet interesting people and engage in networking. I also really enjoy reading Бюлетень. I would like to thank the Society’s staff, especially Vasyl Lopukh and Vasyl Makhno, for their kind support, openness, and assistance with various events that we have organized and hosted together.

 How did your interest in Ukrainian culture and society influence your career path?

I’m always looking to promote Ukraine and our culture, even to my colleagues in science. I want the world to see that Ukrainians are contributing to the global scientific community in a meaningful way, and I hope in the future to work on projects that help develop science education and academic infrastructure in Ukraine.

What is your current research/work project (or your hobbies)?

I study DNA methylation, which is an essential chemical modification in human genetic material and has great significance throughout normal cellular physiology and in various disease states. Currently, I’m working on developing a new technique for detection of methylated DNA on a whole-genome scale, which should make this analysis more sensitive, accurate, and economical.

What career advice would you give for new members of the Shevchenko Scientific Society?

Push yourself to work hard and be proactive in seeking out opportunities for professional growth.