Golden Echoes of Pavlo Tychyna

December 15, 2017

Each year in December, the Society closes out its fall season with a Literary Bazaar with poetry reading in Ukrainian, English and other languages. This year the event takes place on December 17, 2017, and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1921. The evening will feature readings from Tychyna’s collections “Clarinets of the Sun” (1918), “Instead of Sonnets and Octaves” (1920), “The Plow” (1920), and “The Wind from Ukraine” (1924).

Participants in the event are are Olena Jennings, Svitlana Makhno, Maria G. Rewakowicz, and Vasyl Makhno.

Dr. George G. Grabowicz, the Society’s President has written extensively about the poet and his work. You can read three recently added articles to the Research section of our website.

Pavlo Tychyna (1891-1967)

Tycyna’s Cernihiv

A Decade of Tycyniana