First Round of SEF Fellows Announced

August 12, 2022

The Shevchenko Scientific Society in the U.S. (NTSh-A) is pleased to announce the first round of fellowship recipients from the Shevchenko Emergency Fund. Fellowships have been awarded to fifty Ukrainian scholars, writers, and artists affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine. The fellowships include a cash stipend of $1,000, a six-month affiliation with NTSh-A, a email address, and a public profile page. Fellows are encouraged to participate in the intellectual life of the Society virtually through its events, roundtables, lectures, conferences, and publications, and by interacting with its members in the U.S.

The fellows, in alphabetical order, are:

  1. Maryna Bielova, philologist
  2. Hanna Bondarenko, historian
  3. Yehor Brailian, journalist and historian
  4. Larysa Buriak, historian
  5. Oksana Danchuk, theater artist
  6. Maryna Domanovska, historian
  7. Ihor Dvorkin, historian
  8. Viacheslav Dziundziuk, public policy scholar
  9. Victoria Feshchuk, poet and philologist
  10. Serhii Goncharov, physiologist
  11. Svitlana Kaiuk, historian
  12. Yan Kapranov, philologist
  13. Iryna Klymenko, ethnomusicologist
  14. Liudmyla Kokhan, theater artist
  15. Victoria Kolesnikova, historian of science
  16. Pavlo Korobchuk, writer and poet
  17. Viktoriia Korotieieva, philologist and literary scholar
  18. Mykhailo Kostiv, historian
  19. Tetiana Kovalenko, historian
  20. Nazar Kozak, art historian
  21. Juliya Krykun, media studies scholar
  22. Olga Kukush, photographer and visual artist
  23. Olga Kyrylova, philologist and literary scholar
  24. Halyna Lavrinets, film director and producer
  25. Roman Liubavskyi, historian
  26. Igor Lyman, historian
  27. Viacheslav Medvid, writer
  28. Rostyslav Melnykiv, philologist and literary scholar
  29. Oleksandr Miroshnychenko, ceramic artist
  30. Olena Motuzka, economist
  31. Zhanna Ozirna, film director
  32. Lesyk Panasiuk, writer and poet
  33. Oleh Poliakov, journalist and essayist
  34. Lilia Popova, geologist
  35. Yevhen Rachkov, historian
  36. Vladyslav Robskyi, screenwriter
  37. Kseniia Safina, artist
  38. Oleksandra Serbenska, philologist
  39. Mykola Shcherbatiuk, biologist
  40. Yuri Skira, scholar of religion
  41. Tetyana Tymchenko, documentary filmmaker
  42. Nadia Velychko, designer
  43. Stanislav Voloshchenko, scholar of religion
  44. Myroslav Voloshchuk, media studies
  45. Tamara Vronska, archivist
  46. Artem Vusyk, theater producer
  47. Valentyna Vzdulska, cultural studies
  48. Mariia Yaremchuk, journalist and filmmaker
  49. Hanna Zaremba-Kosovych, sociologist
  50. Lesia Zastavetska, geographer

The recipients live in all parts of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava, Galicia, and Volhynia, among others. Several have found shelter in villages near the cities in which they normally live. At least 12 are internally displaced persons (IDPs), having fled bombing or the ever-shifting front line. Fellows are also diverse by age, from those in the earliest stages of their professional careers to eminent senior scholars. The largest groups by discipline include historians, philologists/literary scholars, visual artists/filmmakers, and poets.

The Shevchenko Scientific Society recognizes the importance of scholarship and culture to Ukraine’s war effort as well as for its post-war future. If you would like to support our colleagues in Ukraine, please contribute to the Shevchenko Emergency Fund. With your support, we can issue a second round of fellowships to recognize even more of our deserving colleagues.

SEF Committee members: Adriana Helbig (chair), Vitaly Chernetsky, Markian Dobczansky, Anna Nagurney, and Yuri Yanchyshyn

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