Detroit Chapter Hosts Lecture “Ukrainian Culture at Risk – Again: A Conservator’s Perspective” with Yuri Yanchyshyn

July 20, 2022

On July 7, 2022, the Ukrainian American Archives and Museum and the Detroit Chapter of the Shevchenko Scientific Society hosted a talk by Yuri Yanchyshyn on “Ukrainian Culture at Risk – Again: A Conservator’s Perspective.” This presentation addressed the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and is prefaced with an overview of the destruction of 20th century Ukrainian culture, highlighting the iconostasis in the 1930’s, the Jewish synagogues during WWII, and the primarily Polish Roman Catholic polychrome sculptures after WWII. The presentation showed images not widely known, including those from the Taranushchenko collection housed at the Vernadsky Library in Kyiv.

Yuri Yanchyshyn is Principal and Senior Conservator at Period Furniture Conservation and a Full Member of the Arts & Music Section of NTSh-A.


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This event was featured in the July 15 issue of The Ukrainian Weekly.