ASN and AAUS Prize Winners

June 13, 2021

Oleh Wolowyna and his co-authors from the Institute of Demography, Ukraine received the 2021 Huttenbach Prize annually awarded for the best article published in Nationalities Papers, flagship journal of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, in the course of the previous year.

The article makes a comparative assessment of the 1932–1934 direct losses within and between UkrSSR and RSFSR in order to answer the questions as to whether the major grain-producing areas of both republics suffered from the Famine to the same extent and whether the intensity of regional losses was determined exclusively by the grain specialization of the region. The results show that the regions seriously affected by the Famine comprised a much larger proportion (in terms of territory and population) of UkrSSR than of the RSFSR. The highest excess deaths in UkrSSR are found in the regions that did not play a major role in grain procurement, while in the RSFSSR four grain-producing regions suffered the most. For details, see Levchuk, Nataliia, Oleh Wolowyna, Omelian Rudnytskyi, Alla Kovbasiuk, and Natalia Kulyk. 2020. “Regional 1932–1933 Famine Losses: A Comparative Analysis of Ukraine and Russia.” Nationalities Papers 48 (3): 492–512.

The Society’s members also received the Translation Prize annually awarded by the American Association for Ukrainian Studies (AAUS). Marco Carynnyk, Marta Horban, Halyna Hryn, Askold Melnyczhuk, and Nina Murray were awarded the AAUS Translation Prize for their translation of Oksana Zabuzhko’s Your Ad Could Go Here (Amazon Crossing, 2020). Of the eight short stories included in the collection, Hryn translated five: “Oh Sister, My Sister”; “The Tale of the Guelder Rose Flute” (with Nina Murray); “Your Ad Could Go Here”; “The Tennis Instructor”; and “No Entry to the Performance Hall after the Third Bell.”

Honorable mention: Maria Rewakowicz for her translation of Mykola Vorobiov’s Mountain and Flower: Selected Poems (Lost Horse Press, 2020).