Endowment Funds

Below is a list of funds which were created to support the activities and mission of the Shevchenko Scientific Society. Most of these funds were created during the donor’s lifetime, so that they could witness their gift at work. Others were created though the donor’s planned giving plan. Earnings from these Endowment funds are used to fund grants in the areas listed.

If you would like more information about creating an Endowment Fund, contact the Society’s Development Officer at (212) 254-5130 or donate@shevchenko.org to discuss your planned giving goals.

Endowment Funds
Dmytro Bobeliak
Natalia Danylchenko
Ivan Les’ko
Anton Sawytsky

Named or Memorial Funds
Petro Andrusiv, Art
Osyp Andrushkiv, Library
Edward Brodacky, Publishing
Ivan and Elizabeta Chlopetsky, Ukrainian and English language publishing
Olena Dzul, Translations and Publications
Vasyl and Sophia Dmytrenko, Publications
Ivan Fizer, Ukrainian Literature
Orest and Maria Hladky, Art and Architecture
Konstantyn Kebalo, Medicine
Platon Kostiuk, Biomedical research
Ostap Kotyk, History of Ukrainian Sichovi Stil’tsi
Yurij Kuziw, Scholarships and Publications
Jaropolk Lasowsky, Music Scholarships
Marko Lepky, Medicine
Iryna and Yevhen Mel’nyk, Scholarships
Petro and Olha Motsiuk, Publications
Volodymyr Olejko, Law
Yaroslav Padoch, Law
Zenon and Julia Petesh, Music (violin) Scholarships
Volodymyr Petryshyn, Mathematics
Orest Popovych, Ukrainian Orthography
Volodymyr and Olha Prokopiv, Scholarship
Volodymyr and Anna Rak, Economics, medicine and law
Ivan Romaniuk, Publishing
Irena Scherbaniuk, Scholarships
Mykola Shpetko, Orthodox Clergy
Maria Fischer Slysz, Educational Non-Profits in Ukraine
Konstanyn and Olga Sribny-Rohozynsky, Law, Medicine