Vasyl Makhno’s “Eternal Calendar” wins Encounter Prize

September 24, 2020

On September 16, 2020 during the opening ceremony of the 27th Lviv International BookForum, Vasyl Makhno, Shevchenko Scientific Society’s Program Director, was named the first winner of the “Encounter: The Ukrainian-Jewish Literary Prize” ™ for his novel Eternal Calendar. Founded in 2020, “Encounter: The Ukrainian-Jewish Literary Prize” ™ is awarded ... Continue reading

Virtual Tours of Ukraine

June 26, 2020

Google Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine launched a new cultural project Authentic Ukraine, providing virtual tours of Ukrainian museums, opera houses, and wooden churches.         Take a virtual tour of the following biggest open-air museums of folk art and architecture in Ukraine: ... Continue reading

Member of the Month: Adrienne Kochman

June 21, 2020

Name: Adrienne Kochman Hometown: Chicago, IL Current Positions: Curator, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art; Lecturer, School of the Art Institute of Chicago Professional Interests: modern art history     Why did you decide to join the Shevchenko Scientific Society? I joined because I was interested in having access to scholarly ... Continue reading

Ukrainian Medical Association of North America at Work

June 15, 2020

Established in 1950, the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America (UMANA) is a voluntary non-profit association of professionals licensed to practice in their areas of health care in the United States and Canada. UMANA’s mission is to (1) unite health care professionals of Ukrainian descent, with a share interest in ... Continue reading

Stipend for Ukrainian Students and Artists in Need

June 15, 2020

  [New York, NY]: The Shevchenko Scientific Society in the United States, Razom for Ukraine and the Coordinating Committee to Aid Ukraine are pleased to announce a new joint initiative Stipend for Ukrainian Students and Artists in Need (SUSAN). SUSAN is a grant for Ukrainian citizens currently residing in the ... Continue reading

Ukraine’s Nascent Cultural Diplomacy Today

June 12, 2020

On 11 June 2020, representatives of several leading institutions from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Ukraine engaged in an online discussion of cultural diplomacy and the importance of culture in contemporary Ukraine. American Association for Ukrainian Studies, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, Cambridge University, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, ... Continue reading

Відійшов Мирослав Смородський

May 1, 2020

Ділимося сумною звісткою, що 30 квітня 2020 року відійшов з цього світу Член-кореспондент НТШ-А, Голова Правничої Комісії НТШ-А, Доктор права Мирослав Смородський (1944-2020) Рідним складаємо співчуття. Вічна йому пам’ять! Управа НТШ в АмериціContinue reading

Interview with Alexander Motyl: Bits and Pieces: Fragmentary Memoirs

April 15, 2020

Alexander Motyl, professor of political science at Rutgers University and laureate of the 2019 Omelian and Tetiana Antonovych Foundation Award, has recently published the book, Bits and Pieces: Fragmentary Memoirs. A specialist on Ukraine, Russia, and the USSR, and on nationalism, revolutions, empires, and theory, he is the author of ... Continue reading

AAUS Open Letter on Budget Cuts in Ukraine

April 1, 2020

Open Letter from the American Association for Ukrainian Studies Regarding Budget Cuts Following the Formation of the Stabilization Fund TO: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhii Marchenko Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba Interim Minister of Culture Svitlana Fomenko ... Continue reading

Member of the Month: Rostislav Grigorchuk

March 28, 2020

Name:  Rostislav  Grigorchuk Hometown: College Station, Texas Current Position: Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Texas A&M University (TAMU) Professional Interests:  Mathematics, Computer Science Dr. Grigorchuk was the recipient of the 2019 Humboldt Research Award by Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, in recognition of his lifetime research on group theory and discrete ... Continue reading