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Заклик по-українському

Attention translators!

Call for submissions.

This is a call for submissions to a new publication, entitled Ukrainian Literature. Ukrainian Literature will be an ongoing publication, appearing at one- or two-year intervals dedicated to presenting works of Ukrainian literature in English translation. Ukrainian Literature will be published in both an Internet and in a print edition. The publisher of Ukrainian Literature is the Shevchenko Scientific Society, USA (NTSh-A). The editorial board of Ukrainian Literature consists of Maxim Tarnawsky (editor), Taras Koznarsky, Michael M. Naydan, Askold Melnyczuk, and Marko Pavlyshyn.

The editorial board invites translators to submit their works for consideration in our publication.

Submissions will be evaluated by the editorial board. Translators will be paid at a rate of US$ 15 per page after their submissions are accepted.

Submissions must be previously unpublished original translations, preferably of works that have not yet been translated. Translators are encouraged to discuss their submissions with the editor before submitting. Submissions must be made in electronic form using standard formats (MS Word or Corel WordPerfect are the preferred formats). Translators who find electronic submissions unusually difficult may contact the editor for assistance in having their works input on a computer.

The editorial board will consider translations of any work of Ukrainian literature but particularly encourages translators to consider works of contemporary prose authors in Ukraine. Submissions of long works are encouraged. Acceptable lengthy translations will either be excerpted or serialized in the publication. Translators need not arrange for translation rights before submitting. The editorial board will negotiate translation rights with authors after a submission is accepted.

Submissions should always include complete bibliographic information about the original Ukrainian work that is translated in the submission.

Submissions, inquiries, and all other correspondence regarding Ukrainian Literature should be sent by email to the editor, Maxim Tarnawsky,

Alternatively, computer diskettes may be mailed to the editor at this address:
Maxim Tarnawsky
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
121 St Joseph Street
University of Toronto
Toronto ON M5S 1J4 (M5S 3C2 for couriers)

Additional information for translators.

Translators will retain all rights to re-publish their work in other publications. Ukrainian Literature will purchase one-time-only rights to an internet and a print editon. The editors of Ukrainian Literature encourage translators to consider book length projects, even if only an excerpt is included in Ukrainian Literature. We sincerely hope that our publication will stimulate both translators and publishers.

When transliterating Ukrainian words into English, translators should abide by a simplified Library of Congress transliteration. The guide presented in these tables should be followed. It is acceptable to drop soft signs (miakyi znak) in transliteration, and to simplify surnames ending in "skyi" to "sky." For example, Nechui-Levyts'kyi, can be Nechui-Levytskyi. Please use Kyiv, rather than Kiev, Kyyiv, Kieff, or any other form.

Please use minimal formatting in your submission. Do not change fonts or their size unless the original text requires special typographic treatment.

Before choosing a work for translation, please check if a previous translation of this work already exists. There are two bibliographies of Ukrainian literary translations. The first, by Marta Tarnawsky, entitled Ukrainian Literature in English is published as three research reports by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press. It is also available on the internet, just follow the links below. Remeber, you must check in all three bibliographies (pre-65 books, pre-65 articles, 1980-90) separately. They are not cross-indexed. These bibliographies do not yet cover the period 1965-1980.

The other bibliography of Ukrainian literary translations is Oksana Piaseckyj, Bibliography of Ukrainain Literature in English and French: Translations and Critical Works (1950 - 1986). Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 1989. ISBN 0-7766-0264-0. This is not an internet document, the link takes you to the publisher's web page where the book is described.